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We believe in a complete automation integration experience, collaborative vision, and living SMART by design.

In a day and age where social responsibility and forward movement in technology are indicative of a well-rounded organization, we have put forth great effort in setting a new standard for  the development of our automation integration firm, exceeding expectations and helping to redefine the custom integration and automation industry.

Technology is fascinating to us, its use being broadened and enhanced literally every day. Creating sustainable, automated and integrated systems for the luxury home, office, educational and government verticals requires a passion and dedication to perfection which we exude in great abundance. The body of our design conscious, diverse and evolutionary work speaks for itself. Contact our team regarding your project request, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

-Jay Dobensky,

Principal, Founder

Our Services


VOIP solutions, corporate boardrooms, collaboration and huddle spaces, sound proofing and attenuation, video walls, VTC Solutions, remote managed services, endpoints, network 

infrastructure, and content management are some of the examples of commercial services our team at Sustainable Technology Solutions provides.


We've established ourselves as industry leaders and design innovators in the CI space. From dedicated theaters to distributed audio and surround sound, we incorporate our award-winning work has validated our mission to provide our clients with the best our industry has to offer. 


From SAM to WAWF, our company provides design, installation and equipment supply of TAA compliant product to DoD and defense-related firms within the GSA schedule classifications we are approved for..  


We also offer solutions for command and control, volume product procurement, supply and logistics, collaboration and video conference technologies. 


Sustainability and technology are synergistic components in any overall energy management strategy. We offer consultation and control system design to assist you in achieving measurable savings in energy usage.


Our company's origins are routed in network systems for both residential and commercial environments, which we consider this to be one of our core competencies. We offer design, equipment, 

and installation solutions, all with attentive systems support.


Big Audio Dynamite – Great band, but better words to describe the incomparable James Dobensky. Whether it's designing a unit from the ground up for a celebrity on the Jersey Shore or building a custom projection unit in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert – he's a regular part of the design team and we depend on him for his expertise. "Big" Value, "Audio" Expertise and "Dynamite" results.

— Mike Stafford, Supervising Producer, Leopard Films



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