In a day and age where social responsibility and forward movement in technology are indicative of a well-rounded organization, we have put forth great effort in setting a new standard for  the development of our automation integration firm, exceeding expectations and helping to redefine the custom integration and automation industry.

Technology is fascinating to us, its use being broadened and enhanced literally every day. Creating sustainable, automated and integrated systems for the luxury home, office, educational and government verticals requires a passion and dedication to perfection which we exude in great abundance. The body of our design conscious, diverse and evolutionary work speaks for itself. Contact our team regarding your project request, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

-James Dobensky

CEO, Integration Expert





Automation Integrator Jay Dobensky has been providing solutions in technology for over fifteen years. With numerous awards acknowledging his commitment to excellence in technology, including Best Home Technology by the National Home Builder’s Association, Jay never shies away from the challenges presented by the constantly evolving technology dependent world we live in. That being said, Jay has begun to develop AHAV into a more forward modeled sustainable technology firm allowing him to tap into renewable energy as a tool his clients can take full advantage of. He credits the relationships he’s developed over the years with his clients, vendors, and employees as the driving force behind the company's continued success, as he grows AHAV into Sustainable Technology Solutions.


Jay has flourished in his environmentally friendly tech-centric company, as a conduit for reliable and functional technology integration for even the most novel client.  He's also kept his finger on the pulse of what's next in technology as an automation integrator for global live events.